Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Disaster that was New Hampshire for Hillary Clinton - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

There are always weak supporters who get frightened when something goes wrong, in this case New Hampshire for Hillary Clinton, to lose by 22 points in a State that has helped the Clintons in the past must have been a personal shock to both Bill and Hillary Clinton.   That is the game of politics, is not how you react when you win, its when you lose, the Clintons have a good firewall in the South, also the Oval Office supports them in fact if not declared, Obama owes Bill for 2012 and helping him get re-elected.   Thus the people throwing their arms in the air should calm down, once HRC takes SC and other Souther states it will be over, its still going to be HRC going all the way to the Oval. 

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