Monday, January 25, 2016

What POTUS says about the Democratic Candidates - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

In real politics the deal has been done, Bill Clinton helped President Obama get re-elected in 2012, now the Clintons expect the Oval Office to pay them back in the general election and even in the Democratic race, the interview the President gives is total praise for Hillary Clinton and her record, and the fact that Senators has no such record, a lot like Obama in 08.   Of course in 08 Obama had the African - American vote, in this election cycle it can be expected that Bill Clinton will be out getting the black vote, as many historians have noted  Bill Clinton was the real first Black President, he understood and respected the culture and seen as one of their own before Obama.  As noted by this blog and others, the 2016 race is over,  HRC might lose Iowa and New Hampshire but she has a fire wall in the South, it will be a long race, but HRC will be the nominee, the question is who will the Republicans chose. 

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